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about monica


Monica is a qualified Personal, Fashion Stylist and International Image Consultant with Diplomas in Personal Fashion Styling, Colour and Image Consultation. She received her professional training in UK and USA along with her degrees in Fashion Marketing and  Management with a comprehensive working experience in Fashion, Marketing and Branding. 

Monica is also a Transformational Therapist , Colour Therapist and a life coach accredited by UK and USA organizations with great experience to help her clients developing their Personal Image and Inner Self Confidence through Colour Psychology and Coaching.

She has been living in eight different countries since her young age, the multi cultural enviroment that she grew up from give her great understanding on working with clients from different cultural backgrounds and aesthetics.


Her calling is to help people to develop their own Authentic Style from inside out. She believes every person is unique and can be beautiful and confidence when the moment we discover our authentic self and to live with it. 

Hey, I am Monica

A style coach and personal brand expert whose passionate to help you to develop your personal brand and authentic style by discovering your full potential from inside out.

Studies show it takes only 7 seconds to form a first impression and over 90% of communication is non verbal. Your personal image, which include the way you dress, the colour you wear, your body language, tonality and social etiquette are all non verbal messages that you are delivering to others in your daily lives and they are vital. 

With my years of comprehensive experience in personal styling, branding and coaching, I am enthusiastic to help those of you who want to build up your Authentic Style and a Memorable Personal Brand that reflect who you are; your story and your unique personality. We are all 'One of a Kind' and our Personal Image and style play a big part with the messages that we are conveying to the world . Why not make the best of it!




WHAT my clients say...

Monica is a talented stylist with impeccable taste. I met her through a friend and decided to have her as my personal stylist. Before knowing her, I spent an embarrassing amount of money on luxury brands and yet didn't enhance my own style. She helped me a lot not only with my personal style but also led me through a journey of self discovery. It is truly a therapeutic process. 

Esther, Entrepreneur



I am Happy to Answer Your Questions

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