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What will the world look like without colour?


Colour plays a big part in our daily lives. Once you start to discover its power and how it impact our daily lives, you will just fall in love with it. Have you ever worn a colour that you got so much compliment of it? People just though you look younger and vibrant. Other times people might thought you seems not feeling well just because they thought you looked a bit pale and tired, but you felt completely fine. The secret often has to do with the colour that you are wearing!


Colour is such a powerful tool that can really change our lives. When you are wearing the colours that suit you and within your colour palette, not only your skin look healthier, it also reduce and lighten your freckles, lines and dark circles without micro cosmetic surgery. It just flatter your skin and it energize you. In contrast, when you are wearing a wrong colour which is not suitable for you, you might look tired, washed out, and older than your actual age.

Colour is absolutely a powerful tool that not only can bring out our personal charm, it also has so much impact in a psychological level. Colour affects our emotions and the way we feel. It has been used for a long history in many different cultures. In our modern society, brands and advertising field have been using it as an emotion trigger tool on their as well.

Every person has their own experience with colour. It is very personal and unique! A colour analysis session not only will help you to find out you best colour palette. You will also receive valuable advice on how to apply colours to your wardrobe and surroundings, to make the best value of your investments.

Have you ever felt? 

  • You often got overwhelmed by all the different colours in the store, don’t know which colour suit you the best, so at the end you chose black.

  • You’ve got plenty different colours in your closet but you don’t know how to put them together, at the end they just sit in your closet.

  • You’ve felt overlooked and invisible

  • You got bored with wearing the same colour over and over again. 


If Yes, then a colour session is definitely for you! 

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.
- Coco Chanel



  • You will find out your unique colour palette that flatter your skin tone, eye colour and personality. They are like your colour DNA that you born with. 

  • Realize how shopping going to become alot more easy because you know what colours and shades look best on you, avoid losing time and wandering around all the different options. 

  • A very informative experience to obtain the knowledge of how to wear colour mindfully according to different occasions. 

  • Better understanding  of how to use colour in your daily lives to trigger emotions, improve energy level and your confidence. 

  • Learn how to dress with your own personality which enhance your unique characteristic instead of following the mass fashion trends

  • Ideas of how to match and put colours together to create outfits.  


  • You will no be more confident about which haircuts, eyewear frames, accessories and makeup to choose to enhance your face shape. 

Fuchsia and Orange Geometric Objects

"Monica really open my eyes for the world of Colour. I've never imagined that colour can create such powerful impact in my life. I used to be a woman always hide in black and tried not to be notice. I am now more confidence to use different colours and it really helps me to build a fun wardrobe." 

Gemma, Los Angeles

COLOUR consultation

Personal Colour Consultation & Face Shape Analysis 


  • Colour Draping to analysis your best colours that flatter your skin tone, eyes and personality. 

  • I will explain to you why certain colour works great on you and the science behind, so you will be able to create different colour combinations in your own wardrobe and interior. 

  • Advice on how to use colour in daily lives and special occasions. 

  • learn how to use colour mindfully to enhance and  empower yourself.

  • Understand how to match colours with different outfits.

  • Tips on how to choose accessories, glasses frames, shapes, and patterns  suit your face shape. 

  • You will learn how to use makeup to suit your face shape, to enhance its strengths.


  • you will learn how to choose the makeup, hairstyles, glasses and even necklines that harmonize your face shape and personality.



Please enquire for further details of other location or check out my E- Styling service 


Face Shape Analysis

Have you ever struggled about what type of glasses frame suit you the best, what type of haircut enhance your facial feature or wondering why some of the accessories just don't flatter you?

Accessories and Jewelries are key to showcase your personality and create statement and it has a lot to do with our face shape and facial features or lets say even more than our body shape. 

Just think about it for a second, when we are communicating with other people, which part do we usually focus on the most? Our attention is particularly driven toward faces, especially the eyes. 

Have you ever known someone that you thought they are taller than their actual height, and you were a bit surprised until you realized they are actually smaller than what you've thought?  Again, It has a big part to do with their face shape and of course the proportion of the body as well. 

Each of us have our own characteristics and  special shape, and it is vital to understand what type of accessories, necklines, hairstyles and patterns enhance our proportion and overall look. 


A face shape analysis will help you to understand your strength and uniqueness, so that you know how to choose your accessories , necklines, makeup, hairstyles, eyewear that work the best for you , in harmony with your face shape and your unique style personality.

Beauty Portrait

face shape session




  • You will discover your face shape and its characteristics and learn how to use different accessorises, jewelry, hairstyle to harmonize it.


  • You will learn how to use makeup to suit your face shape to enhance its strengths.

  • Understand what type of  fabric, texture and neckline flatter your own feature. 

  • Discover how to accessorize to create your style personality. 


  • You will be able to choose the haircut, the glasses, the accessories, that enhance your face shape.


  • You will receive a complete personalized mood board with all the information and tips on how to enhance your face shape. 



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