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Discover your personal style not only boost your confidence, it also enhance every aspect of your life. Since we were a kid, we've often been told not to judge a book by its cover, but guess what, we all do! 

How important is it to develop your authentic personal style?

According to a study published by a professor at Harvard University about "The importance of first impressions" shows that it takes only 5 seconds for someone to make a initial judgment. Study also found if you make a negative first impression., it takes eight subsequent positive impression to fix that one negative impression. 

So, the important question is "how do we create that positive impact within just 5 seconds?"

Let me tell you, it has a big part to do with your personal image- The way you look!  You are basically telling your story and what you believe with your personal image. The rest is about your body language and the tone of your voice. But within just 5 seconds, many people didn't even got a chance to speak yet, so your personal image and charisma has a big part to do with it. 

Throughout my work, I often heard misconception like, "Styling is something for super stars or Celebrities" or "It must be unaffordable to hire a personal stylist to dress me". Let me tell you, those are all myths! People often confuse about personal styling and fashion styling. 

Personal styling is a consultation service aiming everyday people just like you and me. When we refer to personal styling. As a stylist, we focus more on each client's individual background, lifestyle, colours, personality, body shape to create the most recognizable and authentic personal image for each individual. 

After your sessions with me, you will will discover your signature style. You will start to understand what colours, fabrics and styles flatter your skin tone and body shapes the most.

You won't get overwhelmed by all those different shades of colours and styles in the shopping mall because you know exactly what look good on you. You will also have better idea of how to put together a decent look for everyday lives or special occasion. 

Discover your signature style is definitely a game changer for your life and career.

Check out my service below to find your ideal package. 

I am looking forward to help you for your style discovery journey! 


A Woman in a Boutique

“Fashion fades, style is eternal” 

-Yves Saint Laurent 


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