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have A closet is overflowing but you often feel you got nothing to wear. You keep buying similar items over and over again, sometimes you don't even remember what you've already got that are hanging in your stuffed wardrobe. You are keeping lots of items that no longer serve you but you find it hard to let go because it trigger some past memories. 


A wardrobe edit is not just about organising your wardrobe, but it is also a therapeutic and a pre- styling process that it is often the first step in the styling plan. Believe or not, things stored memories and energy, that include our clothes and accessories. Our wardrobes can also reflect our lifestyle, it can create value for us and sometimes also create emotional baggage and blockage.


Therefore, a closet decluttering can be beneficial for us to sort out what pieces really sparkle joy and create value for us, conversely also help us to decide what create blockages and limit our potential, and I am here to help you realize it and letting go. 

Many of my clients can vividly feel the difference that they have a clearer mind after the wardrobe edit. What is happening in our mind often project to the outside world, they are corresponded!

Clothes Hanging on a Rack

How Monica can help you:


I love organising wardrobes and discover their potential. Each wardrobe is unique with its own history. I’ll provide my unbiased opinion along with my style vision as a personal stylist. I will show exactly what items serve you the best and also suggest what you might consider to give up and letting go. 

I’ll guide you how to restyle your existing pieces along with a shopping list advice of what you need to complement your current wardrobe to achieve your style goal. 

The styling session will refine your look and boost your confidence. It will refresh, re-energise you and even get rid of your emotional baggage. 

How does it work?

Clothing Rack

After a short consultation to understand your personal demand. We'll go through your current wardrobe piece by piece to determine what suits your body shape or physique and also the colours that flatter your skin tone. I will put together different outfit combination for you to try on meanwhile I will explain to you why those pieces work well on you. Many times, a wardrobe edit session can save you lots of money and time. Many clients realize they have an entire new outfit combination after the restyle and no need to shop for new items. 

During the session, we will analyze what pieces that you might need to complement your current wardrobe and suggest those items to you according to your body shape and personality. I will also give you advice on what pieces need a simple alteration for a better fitting. 


A wardrobe edit session is a fun and informative experience. I will provide you many tips on how to put together different outfit and how to accessorize for a polished look.  By the end of our session, you will feel more confident and great about the choices that you can make by yourself. 


The advice and tips that we go through regarding outfit combinations, accessorizing etc. will be photograph, catalogued and sent digitally.

Image by frank mckenna

I absolutely love my wardrobe edit session with Monica. The session was fun and refreshing. She taught me so much on how to restyle those unworn clothing and accessorise that sitting in my closets for years which save me a lot of money and time. 

Christina, San Diego



  • A online video consultation Prior to your Wardrobe session

  • A basic colour consultation and body shape analysis

  • A wardrobe decluttering that we go through your wardrobe to discard worn out and unflattering items; a colour analysis that will help you to understand what colours are complimentary to your skin tone and eye colour; we’ll restyle those items to make the most of the existing wardrobe

  • We’ll create new looks and combination for your current wardrobe. We will photograph those exciting new combination for your digital outfit library to save you lots of time in the future. 

  • You will learn the art of accessorize to create a polished look

  • Tips for capsule wardrobe and how to build your own collection of staple pieces that allow you to create various looks for different occasions. 

  • My advice for existing pieces alteration 

  • I provides useful styling tips according to your body shape, personality and lifestyle.

  • You will receive a wardrobe advice guide along with the photographs that remind you how to put outfits together to create looks that work for you. 

  • Identify what pieces suit you the best and what needs to be complement in you current wardrobe, I will provide you a list of my recommendation.


Minimum 3 Hours 

Suitable for small to medium size wardrobes

The service included a mini colour and body shape analysis


Half day 5 Hours 

Suitable for a medium to large size wardrobes

The service included a mini colour and body shape analysis

Full day 8 Hours 

Suitable for a very large size to dress room wardrobes 

The service included a detail in depth colour and body shape analysis

* Please note that 3 hours is the minimum will be made available to a complete the Wardrobe Edit service for a small to a medium size wardrobe. However, timing is difficult to predict as everyone’s wardrobe is unique. e.g. Dress room or very large size wardrobe will be priced depend on each individual case. Please contact me for further information.


Munich, Online (Check out my online wardrobe edit)

Travel up to 40 minutes is included in your fees. For any other location, please enquire for further details 



I am Happy to Answer Your Questions

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