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When it comes to shopping. Some people love it, they basically enjoy the process, for them it is a way to release stress and they just keep buying, they need to keep up to the seasonal trend to feel satisfy. There are also people who just hate it, they think it is just a hassle, "waste of time and energy." But It doesn't matter which category you fall into. Here, we are talking about personalized shopping. It is completely a different idea.


The big question might raise in some people's mind is " Why do I need to pay someone to do my shopping?

Let me explain to you why in a miniute!



Fashion Designer Studio

If you relate to any of those, then I can tell you that a personalized shopping session is a way to go. A personal stylist can definitely be your best shopper and style advisor. It is one of the best investment for those who doesn't have much time to shop but still want to remain their style or for someone aiming to elevate their style for a career advancement or just want to shine through finding the perfect outfit for a special event. Any personalized shopping can be tailored depending on demand and requirement. 

Have you ever though about yourself standing in front of the mirror and feel so good with 100% confident about the way you look.

Trust me, it is not a rocket science, it's all about understanding of your own uniqueness and what work the best for you. 

Just like the all those holly wood movie stars and super model. Why don't you think they always like good? It's because they all have a stylist helping them to create their signature style. 

As a qualified personal stylist with a fashion degree and years of experience in fashion and branding, I have trained professionally on how to shop strategically and mindfully. Throughout my career and multicultural background, I have work with various projects and people with different culture background and aesthetics. My eyes are well trained with different designs, colours, fabrics, patterns...

My experience and impeccable taste allows me to offer you an unbiased advice, and more importantly, I can also explain the science behind to my clients that why we select those items for them. What does it has to do their unique style personality. 

The key thing about a great style is not limited between budget, it's all about what works best on you. How to create a statement for your own style. 



Have you ever felt...


  • You have a decent amount of clothes in your closet, but you often have those " I got nothing to wear" day.


  • You have to attend a special event, but you don't really know what is the best ensemble that will be appropriate and flattering for the occasion whilst make you shine through.

  • You already got an overflowing closet but you are still wearing the few pieces over and over again. 

  • You are overwhelmed by thousands of choice in shops and shopping mall, basically you just got lost in all those choices and a visual fatigue. 

  • You pick a style that you like but there are six different colours, you are not sure which colour flatter you the most. 



You will no longer waste time and money in shops and department store wondering what to buy . I will select the most suitable clothing proposals for you.

You will make the best value of the money you spend by only invest in items that suit your personality and skin tone. 

You will be guide and introduce to brands that suit your body shape, budget and personality. I’ll curate your wish list, source clothes that you never dreamt you could wear. 

Water Ripple

Monica is an expert of style and colours. She has strong capability and a good eye to find those wonderful and suitable pieces for her clients. She save me both time and money. 

Natalie, San Francisco

Bespoke Personal Shop

I provide bespoke personal shopping services across different needs and demands from a special occasion to entire wardrobe refreshment as below:

  • Capsule Wardrobe planning and building

  • Job interviews

  • Photo shoot

  • Events and parties dress code

  • Seasonal wardrobe update

  • Entire wardrobe refreshment 

  • Wedding wardrobe planning

  • Timeless staple pieces

  • Statement accessories

All sessions are bespoke after brief that suit individual requirement

duration & Locations



Minimum 2 hours / Half day 3 or 4 hours/ Full day 8 hours 



A half day shopping experience is ideal either you are aiming for a seasonal wardrobe update, finding a perfect outfit for a dress code event or even for a wardrobe refreshment to a complete a makeover. 

A full day shopping trip is ideal for a style and wardrobe refresh.

A complete free 30 minutes online video consultation prior to meeting

If this is your first booking with me, you may consider to add a wardrobe edit before your first Personal Shopping session, so that we can understand what you've already got in your existing wardrobe, to avoid repeat purchases. It will save you time and money, also help you to make the valuable investment.  

Location: Munich, Online

Image by Aleks Marinkovic


I am Happy to Answer Your Questions

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