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Hi, I am Monica

Thank you so much for visiting my website.I guess your interest in Colour and Personal Styling have brought you here. 

Congratulations! You are in the right place and the right moment more than you could have imagined. 

an important fact that i want to share with you...


Most people have very little idea of how their style and personal image can either affect or change their life. Personal image is not just about fashion trends or how we dress; It is way more deeper and further than just clothing and accessories. It is more about how you feel and portray yourself and the messages you are conveying to yourself and others.


Don't Judge a book by its cover

Since we were kid, We've often been told by our parents not to judge a book by its cover. But the reality is, "We all do!" included you and me.


I am so glad that my parents often reminded me that fact since I was a teenager, mainly because of the entrepreneurial family background they came from.

Their experience and social circle make them understand the importance of first impression and how much our personal image can affect our lives. 

HARVARD Studies show...

We are in a fast moving world today. Usually, it takes only 5 seconds for someone to make an initial judgement to a person, and within this short amount of time, it has very little to do with inner beauty. It has more to do with how we look, our body language, the tone of our voice, and more importantly our confidence and energy. 

Of course, personal image has a lot to do with the way we dress, but it also involves in many different factors that most people have neglected and that includes how to develop our ideal personas and characters by discovering the best version of ourselves. 


As a personal stylist and international image consultant with an academic background in fashion marketing and transformational therapy I am here to help you to discover your signature style and ideal persona. You can learn more about me by continue your reading or click here to explore my bespoke services. 


once upon a time...

PicsArt_04-17-12.43.33_mr1587120275225 (

My parents and me in the 80s 

My parents in the 1970s 

The little girl in me


I was born in Hong Kong and have been lived in many different countries and cities since my young age. I was mainly raised in Hong Kong, US and Singapore. To grew up in a multicultural background really helped me to open my mind to diverse cultures and appreciate different types of aesthetics. I feel deeply inspired by the costumes and attires from different culture and ethnics. For me, that is way more deeper and interesting than just clothing or trends.  

I was an official hat addict 

I was always fascinated by anything that are beautiful and authentic since I was child.  

I think the impact mainly came from my family heritage and my multicultural background. I grew up in a big family. My parents and my aunts have always been my biggest influence.


When I was a young child, I always stayed with my aunt and went to worked together with her in her bespoke suit shop. I remember whenever she was talking with her clients or her staff, I would just sat on the big leather chair and played with the old typing machine. Those old classic english interior and the friendly old tailor have always been my deepest impression in the shop.

​Her shop was located in the“ Landmark”, a well-known luxury shopping mall in the Hong Kong Central area that was built in the 70s. I was always attracted to all those beautiful decor, fabrics and jewelries in her shop and her home, everything were just so polished and beautiful. 


In my memories, she was always carrying a big Louis Vuitton Speedy bag besides her handbag and that was my earliest memory of a women handbag. Until now, I can still feel and smell the fabrics in her shop and the Chanel 5 fragrance that she wore. Those memories are imprinted in my mind.


A family portrait in the 1940s

family portraits in the old times

My grandparents in the 1890s


My gorgeous aunt in the 1930s and 1990s

My aunt was definitely one of my early inspiration in fashion and style. I can still remember it vividly that she was such an elegant lady from inside out. She was always well dressed with proper etiquette and looked glamourous in her everyday life. I have never seen her slacken the way of how she took care of her personal image and I also have never met any woman that I think is as beautiful as my aunt.


She truly taught me a lesson that beauty is not only about appearance but also the character, attitude and kindness within to make a person shine.


My Muse and Mentor



I decided to study in fashion when I was in college. Learning fashion history, colour theory and different types of fabrics always excites me and more importantly how fashion influences our daily lives. I believe fashion should be approachable for everyone who seek for beauty. 


After college, I had worked a number of years in corporate marketing and branding, which gave me the opportunities to collaborate with different brands and celebrities. I had worked with luxury brands like Coach, Chanel, Tory Burch, Roger Vivier to named a few and got involved in various creative projects related to Visual communication, branding, and entertainment. 

IMG_1285 (2).JPG

My first bespoke boutique and personal styling studio

By a special chance, I decided to set up my bespoke boutique business which was branded with my name ‘MONICA CHEUNG’. I mainly provided bespoke tailoring, jewellery and personal styling services to my clients.


During the years I worked with my clients from different backgrounds, styles and personalities evokes my interest to bring my career into a new chapter, which focus completely on personal styling and branding. I just feel that is my calling and I am enthusiastic about it! 

I retrained myself and became a qualified Personal Stylist and Image Consultant.  I found that I really enjoy to work with everyday men and women. The process of helping people to discover their own personal style and how to tell their story by creating a visual representation just fascinated me.


I love to see all those transformation from my clients and how they became a more confident person from inside out. Style does not depend on fashion trends or the amount of money you spend. People often have a misconception thought they have to spend a fortune to obtain their style. It is absolutely not true!

We can often see people who are wearing very luxury items from top to toe, and yet, they look tacky. 

I always suggest my clients to start slowly. You don't need to spend a fortune to obtain your style, but you definitely need to know how to do it right and what works the best for you.

Trust me, a styling process is a therapeutic journey!

Screenshot_20220315-102508_2_mh1647433867249 (1).jpg

Official Costume Design for International Model Contest


A few interesting things about me...


FullSizeRender 50.jpg

I love to speak and tell stories! People around me often say I can talk continuously for hours. At one point, I decided to be trained in high impact public speaking. I think speaking is one of the best way of sharing and I am always enthusiastic to share the knowledge about style, colour and personal development, and how they can change our lives. 



Photography and old vintage photos are always inspiring. Very often, How we see things and how we look in a camera can be very different than reality. It is a great way to train our eyes to see things into different details and to discover beauty. It is also a great way of a story telling. I love to photograph people and let them realize their uniqueness. Honestly, we are all "One of a kind."with our own unique story. 




Some people may be curious why would I call myself a style therapist. Is it really because I thought fashion or shopping have an actual therapeutic effect? The answer is definitely "No!"

I am not the typical type of personal stylist that usually focus only on the fashion aspect because I am also a certified clinical therapist as well. I believe everything is about coherent and everyone is unique and special. There is no one formula fits everybody!

I help my clients to achieve their style goal with quite of a therapeutic process, so that they can feel the transformation not only from how they look outside but also how they feel inside in terms of confidence and changes. We dive deep into those exciting areas for a mindful style practice. Fashion has no meaning if it doesn't makes us feel good and confidence.

Scuba Diver


I am a PADI advanced scuba diver and I think it is certainly one of the best sport to practice mindfulness. It trains us how to breath slowly and deeply, and also how to react on different ambient in the sea meanwhile observing all those beautiful creatures there. Who wouldn't love it!

I think the three simple principles, "BREATHE, THINK, then REACT" can apply to almost any situation in our lives


Culture lover

PicsArt_05-03-04.15.46 (1).jpg
mmexport1506947173523-01 (1).jpeg

I think we can always learn and get inspired from different cultures and fashions. Every culture has it's own interesting side and it open our eyes to see things in a different angle. It doesn't matter if it is from the east or west, mainstream or minority. For me, it is more about if it is inspiring or not. 


I am Happy to Answer Your Questions

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