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Men's Styling


We are in a fast paced world that normally we got only a few seconds to create an good and impactful first impression. No matter what is your professional background, to create a strong personal image is crucial for success in different aspect of life. 

To discover your style personality and physique are essential for developing your authentic signature style. Believe or not, this is one of the best investment you can make for yourself and your career. People often willing to pay a high service fee for a great hair cut and colouring every two or three months, mainly they can see the result immediately even they only got that feeling of satisfaction for less than one to two weeks because soon it goes back to original. 

As a professional personal stylist, we work in a more comprehensive and goal oriented way. Apart from helping my clients to look good and feel confidence from top to toe, I will also let them know why they look great in certain styles, so that they start to have a better idea of the science behind their style. 


A personal styling service is a very fun and informative process that can be beneficial to you for a lifetime. I help my clients to discover their style personality from inside out according to their lifestyles, occupations, style goals and objectives. Through the sessions, we are going to discover your personal colour palette and style personality, what type of fabrics, patterns, textures, lapels suit you the most. 

Aesthetic taste and standard between men and women are vary. Women usually got compliment by their appearance and elegance. When it comes to men, it is more about charisma and character. To create a powerful personal image for a male client, it is more about understanding of builds, skin tones, physiques and personas. When a client want to purchase one of my single service instead of a complete style package. I always suggest them to start off from colour analysis and closet edit unless they want to refresh their entire wardrobe because to find out your true colour palette is the foundation for a good and effective styling process. The colour that we are wearing everyday convey non verbal messages. It also affect us in terms of energy, temperament, and complexion.


Trust me, when you are wearing your true color palette that flatters your skin tone and personality, you will naturally feel more confident. You won't be wearing only black and neutrals anymore. There will be so much more options for you. 


Choosing different colours according to different occasion won't overwhelmed you cuz you know exactly what look good on you and how to convey message by using colours for your work. It will also make your future shopping a lot more sufficient and make the best choice out of your wardrobe investment,plus save you lots of time. 

My experience and academic background in fashion enable me to guide you through step by step for creating a polished personal image and a style discovery journey. 

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tell me if you relate to these...

  • You feel that your current style didn't do anything for you.

  • You need a promotion at work.

  • You are ready to elevate your personal image. 

  • You want to create a tasteful and stylish wardrobe without spending a ton of money?"


  • You want to boost up confidence through style.  But don’t know where to start or don't have the time to do it yourself.

  • You got bored of wearing the same thing over and over again. 



  • You will understand how to use the most flattering designs, shapes,fabrics, colors and volumes for your physique.

  • You will no longer have the problem to put together outfits that suit your personality. I will guide you how to make the best matches for you.

  • You will receive your personalized style mood board personalized with different style and combinations that suits your lifestyle.

  • You will learn to identify your unique characteristics and to enhance it with the most suitable clothes.

  • You just have to enjoy the fitting process because I will take care of everything and select the right items for you to try. 

  • You will save time and energy for other things while I pre shop for you. 

  • You will obtain the knowledge of how to accessorize and how use colour that flatter your face shape and skin tone. ​

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Monica is a remarkable personal stylist. She is very observant and has a great sense of humour.

I enjoyed to communicate with her. Her multicultural and professional experience allow her to see things in a very unique and dynamic way. She often inspired me with some of her perception. 

I highly recommend her!

Robert, Legal Advisor



A colour analysis session will help you to find out your best and personalized colour palette that flatters your natural skin tone, eye colour and unique personalilty. You will also find out how to put together different colour combination to create an ideal outfit according to different occasion and learn how to use colours to create psychological impact.


This service is  for those of you who already have an ideal amount of clothing sitting in your closet or overflowing with clothes but often got the feeling that "you have nothing to wear. " or you are lacking idea of how to put together different looks.A wardrobe declutter and restyle will give you a better idea of what items are duplicate and the missing gaps in the closet. 



​Whether you need a few new items to complement your current wardrobe, a complete wardrobe overhaul or to find a perfect ensemble for a special event and photo shoot, this is an ideal service for you. The session can either conduct in person or onine with a video shopping guide with links provided, which I will help you to put together different looks according to your unique style and needs.

Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” 


Ralph Lauren


These packages are specially design for someone who are aiming for a complete restyle and personal image rebrand. You will experience the entire process, from colour consultation, style assessment, wardrobe edit, and personal shopping. 


  • A consultation and questionnaire to understand your style goal and objective

  • Basic colour analysis and physique advice

  • Choose either a two hours wardrobe edit to assess and restyle your current wardrobe OR a two hours personalized shopping trip to discover and complement the missing gap of your wardrobe. 

  • Outfits will be photographed and documented  for your reference, so you will have an idea of how to put together different looks with your existing or new pieces.



  • A consultation and questionnaire to understand your style goal and objective

  • A detail colour analysis and body shape advice

  • Two hours of wardrobe edit and assessment to restyle your current wardrobe and photograph taken for your reference, so you have an idea how to create new looks with your existing pieces.

  • Two hours of customized personal shopping trip to discover and  complement your missing wardrobe, and a style makeover.

  • A consultation and questionnaire to understand your style goal and objective

  • A detail colour analysis and body shape advice

  • Discover your signature style that align to your personal brand.

  • Three hours of wardrobe edit and assessment to restyle your current wardrobe and photograph taken for your reference, so you have an idea how to create new looks with your existing pieces.

  • Three hours of personal shopping trip to discover and  complement your missing wardrobe. A complete style recreate with a wardrobe photo library.

  • Capsule wardrobe, accessories and everyday gromming advice. 



I am Happy to Answer Your Questions

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